SPORTSMEN preserving THE trapping HERITAGE

January 24, 2014

 Dear Members,

Our winter general membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at the Hibbing Memorial Building dining room.  Please use the East entrance just off the parking lot to enter the facility.  Doors will open at 5:00 pm with pizza or something and beverage for a light dinner.   There will be many raffle items to give away, so please be prepared to participate.

This year has been extremely busy beginning with the State Roundtable which President Ken Wainionpaa attended.  He will give a brief report and the controversy that followed.  On December 11, 2013, I attended a Trapping Summit, which included members of the MTA, MFZTA, Dog Lovers for Safe Trapping and the Minnesota Trail Hound Association. The Summit was hosted by Representative John Ward.  The goal was to address dog deaths in the State; but since there weren’t any, one position was severely weakened.  The MFZTA and MTA promoted education with our new video and the MTA dog kit complete with instructions and zip ties. Both trapping organizations praised the new trapping regulations as a great success and that the roof and 7” setbacks were working. Both trapping organizations promoted a later season for fisher, marten and bobcat and made sure the DNR representatives acknowledged our concerns. Ed Boggess stated that he will personally look into the later season. 

Please be prepared to update your membership; and please let us know if your copy of the Trappers Post is being delivered on time. The current subscription rate for the Trappers Post is $12. If you would like to subscribe or renew, we will have a current application for you at the meeting.   

The strength of any organization is in its membership. From the meetings I have attended, we must increase membership as much as possible. Therefore your incentive will be as follows:  For each new member you sign up between now and meeting time, you will receive $10 worth of raffle tickets for the meeting raffle. 

We will try to have our new four gun raffle tickets available for distribution at the meeting as well as the actual guns. The more we can distribute at the meeting the less postage we will have spend sending them to members. We will have packets of tickets (100) and posters for those of you who know places that will sell tickets for us.   

With all that is going on, I sincerely encourage you to attend this all-important meeting. The items to report are growing daily. The only way to get some of this information to our members is with accurate and current handouts.  These will be available.  

Please take the time to join us to insure our sport continues into the future.

Thank You 

Ray Sogard

General Organizer

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Sportsmen preserving the trapping heritage


     Minnesota Forest Zone Trappers Association