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Sportsmen preserving the trapping heritage

In order to create a clear understanding of why another trapping association is being formed, the following reasons are being presented to prevent any unfounded rumors or mistrust between trappers as a whole.

•The forested region of Minnesota has dense cover and abundant water resources, which creates many more opportunities for making furbearer sets.

•The forested region of Minnesota possesses an abundant furbearer resource that is not prevalent in other areas of the state.. As a direct result the region is being used as a “playground” for some, due to their ability to use public lands to promote themselves as “trapping experts..” Public lands are not as prevalent outside the forest zone since most lands are private and offer trappers no additional opportunity to trap.

•We believe that trappers should speak as one voice and should not be influenced by outside forces that seek to control or limit our heritage.

•We believe that a third organization must be incorporated to protect our rights, become politically astute, educate our members and the general public and support the entire Minnesota Forest Zone Trappers Association (MFZTA) purpose.

The primary purpose of the MFZTA shall be to achieve the best possible fur-bearer environment, promote high-quality trapping and to protect our trapping heritage.

To achieve these purposes, the following shall be promoted:

• Present our positions to government officials’ departments and legislators.

• Educate all trappers (young/old) and the general public on the values of the sport of trapping.

• Promote good sportsmanship, good trapping ethics and safe trapping practices.

• Promote and maintain high-quality fur-bearer programs.

• Provide opportunities for trappers to meet, share experiences and develop a fraternal spirit.

• Support enforcement of regulations, which curtail the illegal taking of fur-bearers.

• Support efforts to increase opportunities for furbearers on public and private lands..

• Support wildlife research, provide pertinent information and maintain a working relationship with wildlife officials..

• Establish a realistic and workable position on predator control..